The Russian newspaper „Moscovski Komsomoljez“  titled on Oct.10,2007: The Russian President searches for a German infant that has been stolen a quarter
of a century ago in the GDR (German Democratic Republic).
We are searching for our son Felix Tschök

born in the GDR on July 20,1984 in Frankenberg- kidnapped on December 28,1984 in Dresden. Blood type: German system A, Rhesus negative         Russian system: A(2)-
subjektives Porträt 17 Jahre subjektives Porträt 20 Jahre
Felix, you could look like this today!
Felix, you live in the identity of another person.
Have you ever experienced contradictions or differences in the relationship to your (supposed) parents?
Here we especially think of physical characteristics like size, stature, colour of your hair and very important – your blood type!
What has happened in the winter of 1984/ 1985?
The parents of an about one year old child decide to exchange their own child to a strange one the winter of 1984/85. Why they have come to a decision like that can only be    speculated today. Was it the state of health of their own child? The health report drawn up on January 8, 1985 by the senior consultant of the children`s hospital of the Medical Academy of Dresden assumes that the child must have suffered from a very bad disease in the first half year of his life. So the kidnapping of our son Felix was realized on December 28, 1984.

On January 06, 1985 inhabitants of Friedrich-Engels-Straße 11 find an approximately one year old boy. A child is simply put down and left behind away from home.

The criminal investigation department can prove that our son Felix and the exchanged child have been living together for a few days. Two children have simply been exchanged.

All indications say that the kidnappers have left Dresden with our son towards the USSR on January 06, 1985.

Parents of the abandoned child (where Felix has grown up):

Probably the father has been a member of the Soviet army (officer) or a civil servant of the Soviet army stationed in the GDR. It is possible, that father has been a member of the Soviet secret services. There is no information about the mother.

The identity, Felix lives in today, has the following characteristics:

Born:                 between October 1, 1983 and April 30, 1984

Place of birth:      a town in Germany (GDR), but citizen of the USSR or a successor state

The document of birth was made out by registry office of a garnison of the Soviet army in the GDR. In addition the document contains the register number of the department of the father.

Here are pictures of the child that found 9 days after the kidnapping:

Auffindesituation Im Krankenhaus Etwa 18 Monate alt
Foundling 12 month   
Foundling 18 month  Foundling 16 years
Identity of the foundling-special features

Born,               between October 1, 1983 and April 30, 1984

Blood type:      German system B-       Russian system B(3)

  None. Things like that were unthinkable in the GDR.
                        Even after overcoming severe diseases children received
                        vaccinations against them immediately after being cured..

Mother tongue: NOT GERMAN 
                        The language test has shown that the foundling reacted
                        best when he was
addressed in Russian.

State of health: has stayed in hospital for several weeks during his first months
                        of life receiving intensive care. He had been given infusions
                        in order to treat a poisoning, a cerebrocranial trauma
                        or a severe disease.
Origin:             not GDR, but probably Soviet Union (USSR).